February Update

Update notes:
  • Added SSO based user accounts. Logged in users will have their scan results attached to their account. Scans will still be displayed anonymously.
  • Added pages under accounts to browse your scan history. Its kind of bad, but I ran out of time. I'll fix it, I promise.
  • Added lots of back end caching which should significantly speed up some aspects of the site.
  • Lots of back end changes in preparation for future features.
  • Hopefully improved some issues causing extreme load whenever 4000 people get together to shoot a Keepstar. It will probably still be slow but now the server shouldn't completely choke up.
  • Changed coalitions to Chuggi's list via Rischwa's website. Maintaining the coalition list manually was too laborious. Thanks to Chuggi for his excellent coalition list.
  • Added meaningful service status feedback.
Tags: Update