Fleet Scan



Copy the contents of your Fleet Composition window and paste them here. We'll figure out what your fleet composition is and give you a breakdown of the situation.

To copy the full contents of your Fleet Composition window, click inside the list of results, press Ctrl+A to select all and then Ctrl+C to copy the results. Don't forget to refresh it and that there may be up to a 2 minute delay on the information provided in-game

Please note:
Currently this tool only works with the Default Wing & Squad names (e.g. Wing 1 / Squad 1). Custom names are on the Todo list but are currently not supported.

Step 1: Select "Show Fleet Composition" from the Fleet window menu.
Fleet Window

Step 2: Select all the contents of the Fleet Composition window and copy using Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C
Fleet Window

Step 3: Paste them here and submit!