Service Status: Probably OK, you're here aren't you?


  • Updated SDE for Ascension.
  • Added some extra server resources.
  • Users visiting local and fleet scan result pages using the IGB will now see the old legacy scan pages instead of a broken page.
  • Fixed front page Omnibox submission.
  • Rewrote Local and Fleet Scan tool frontends.
  • Added some new features to local scans. Number of selected pilot/corps/alliances, improved granularity of selection for unaligned corps, added a green corner marker for NPC corporations. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Fleet scan tool all/docked/undocked toggle finally works! Improved selection/highlighting.
  • Coalitions now display a standing towards themselves indicating the attitude of coalition members towards each other outside of strategic operations. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • IGB support is depreciated. If it works, it works, but I am not testing any development with it.
  • Fixed a bug where Doomheim/deleted pilots were being incorrectly returned in local and fleet scans over the live and correct pilots. Thank you for the bug report.
  • Improved unicode support in pilot names.
  • Improved reporting of unparsed pilots in local scans and some minor performance improvements.
2016-4-28 - Citadel Update
  • Database update to support Citadels and Force Auxiliaries.
  • Keepstar and Upwell Palatine Keepstar added to Interesting results filter.
  • Added new coalition statistics page. Please note that the historical data starts from around the 8th of April 2016 so the 30 day figures are not accurate yet.
  • Fixed some minor unusual parsing quirks in D-Scans to improve result reliability.
  • Added support for Cyrillic km units (км) for D-Scans - Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Updated Data Dump - No more missing Svipuls, Confessors, Magus etc that got added while I haven't been playing.
  • Back end updates.


  • Ship role breakdown for D-Scan and Fleet scans
  • Scan Versioning Soon(™) - Waiting for better backend WebSocket support.
  • Example Scan results.
  • Game Language detection and better internationalisation support.
  • Fleet scan tool adapted to utilise CREST Fleet Management

Welcome to

Would you D-Scan me? I'd D-Scan me... I'd D-Scan me hard.

Paste something from EVE

Currently available in very beta form

Bug reports appreciated. Email [email protected] or see the '' corporation in game for contact details.

What is is a set of tools for parsing data from the massively multiplayer sandbox EVE Online.
Often EVE will present large volumes of data in a format that is difficult to draw a broader overview from. That is where these tools come in, taking the data delivered by the EVE client and breaking it down into an easy to view format.

Don't these tools already exist?

Absolutely. But competition is a great driver of innovation. These tools were built with the view to expanding functionality beyond what other parsers/scanners provide along with providing new tool concepts. As little influence as possible was taken from the other tools to hopefully provide a fresh look at the idea but certainly the basic functionality is similar to all of them.

Can I see some example scans?

Sure, here's a couple I've created

D-Scan: - Huola Faction Warfare Invasion
Local Scan: - Huola Faction Warfare Invasion
Fleet Scan: Coming Soon™ - If you have one you don't mind sharing, please email the URL to [email protected]