2018-01-23 - January Update
  • D-Scan performance improvements
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2017-12-20 - December Update
  • Removed the last XML API consumer. 100% ESI backed service now \o/ hooray!
  • Changed API Client, should be marginally faster, maybe.
  • Fixed some sorting issues in DNA
  • Changed to imagesever for local scan icons. Imageserver uses cloudfront CDN so should load significantly faster.
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2017-11-13 - November Update 1
  • Major updates to support coming feature.
  • New styling to make future development easier. There might be some styling quirks around the place.
  • New backend API. The original submit endpoints will remain for now as I know some 3rd party tools are using them.
  • More coming soon...
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2017-10-15 - October Update 1
  • Changed most of Local Scan data source to ESI. It may be slighly slower due to the extra API calls required.
  • Changed the async processing approach for local scans.
  • Manually updated coalitions based on Chuggi's list. (Settle down DRF, you'll give me RSI).
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2017-09-04 - September Bugfix 1
  • Fixed D-Scan detection of solar system
  • Improved solar system detection reliability
  • Minor performance improvements
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  • Ship role breakdown for D-Scan and Fleet scans
  • Scan Versioning Soon(™) - Waiting for better backend WebSocket support.
  • Example Scan results.
  • Game Language detection and better internationalisation support.
  • Fleet scan tool adapted to utilise CREST Fleet Management

Welcome to

Would you D-Scan me? I'd D-Scan me... I'd D-Scan me hard.

Paste something from EVE


Try our new tool, CapsuleerDNA


A new look at Character, Corporation and Alliance history and information. Using a combination of CCP's ESI API and our own API, browse Pilot's corporation and alliance history, Corporation's and Alliance's history along with past and present members.

While it is still not feature complete and I don't have the same number of pilots found on, I hope you will find this early version useful.

Bug reports appreciated. Email or see the '' corporation in game for contact details.

What is is a set of tools for parsing data from the massively multiplayer sandbox EVE Online.
Often EVE will present large volumes of data in a format that is difficult to draw a broader overview from. That is where these tools come in, taking the data delivered by the EVE client and breaking it down into an easy to view format.

Don't these tools already exist?

Absolutely. But competition is a great driver of innovation. These tools were built with the view to expanding functionality beyond what other parsers/scanners provide along with providing new tool concepts. As little influence as possible was taken from the other tools to hopefully provide a fresh look at the idea but certainly the basic functionality is similar to all of them.

Can I see some example scans?

Sure, here's a couple of publicly posted scans

D-Scan: - 9-4RP2 Keepstar Assault
Local Scan: - 9-4RP2 Keepstar Assault